Over 400 colleges and universities around the country have embraced esports. From club programs to varsity programs to full scholarships, esports is viewed as a social program and a varsity athletic competition program similar to how traditional sports is treated.

As a parent, we hope you join The Esports Combine to learn more about the space of collegiate esports and to learn how you can best support your child’s dreams while also helping them earn a quality education that sets them on the right path.


The event allows for your child to explore the various options in the collegiate space as they are starting to think of college or already in the process of working with guidance counselors to apply. Each college will answer any questions you or your child has about the institute or the esports program.

What is important is to see which school will fit with your child’s needs and how it will make them career ready after graduating while getting involved in their esports program.

Yes!  Just like football, basketball, baseball, and traditional athletics scholarship programs – esports is now a scholarship options for hundreds of schools around the country.

Each school varies significantly, with the largest programs featuring dozens of players on scholarship.  Scholarship awards vary wildly as well, including full ride tuition and board for the top programs around the country.

The typical scholarship offer will likely range in the $3,500-$5,000 per year range and several schools in the event offer around $10,000 annually.  Not too shabby for playing video games!

Pass options range from Free to Elite and each one has additional benefits. The higher the pass, the more direct exposure for your child and the more direct services we provide to help them find a good program fit.  You can find the pass levels here.

If your child is a high school senior or otherwise ready to go to school immediately, consider our higher level passes to expedite the recruiting process.  If you are joining us to simply learn about the process or you are still a couple years away from a college decision, a lower level pass is appropriate for you.

All GYO scouting profiles are labeled and hidden by the player’s gamertag, which is typically the name they play video games under.  Personal information such as name, birthdate, address, and phone number are not accessible to the general public.

For scouts and recruiters, we have a verification process to confirm the recruiter genuinely represents their organization.  For these verified scouts, they will have access to some additional personal information in order to evaluate your child and contact them either through the website or alternative means.

You control your privacy options and may choose what you choose to share at any time.  GYO Privacy Policy.

If your child is extremely passionate about video gaming, it’s never too early to begin understanding how the scholastic esports space works.  If you are curious and your child is gamer, you can attend and begin to learn about the space and network with colleges you can establish relationships with for when they are ready to make their school decisions.

Most colleges begin their recruiting processes when players are high school seniors or juniors, or are out of school and looking to go back.  For older players, our higher tier passes can help them accelerate their recruiting process.

College programs vary wildly in the competitiveness of their programs.  Some schools have varsity programs with full ride scholarships and appear on ESPN, others are casual gaming clubs where all are welcome.

In gaming, talent is of course a door opener but your child’s scholastic profile is very valuable too!  We have helped players who are in the lower tiers of skill earn scholarships.

This program is backed by GYO Score, an esports data platform that helps players create scholastic and gaming skill profiles so they can get recruited.

Since 2019, GYO has seen 540+ players receive scholarship offers throughout North America.  Dozens of players have accepted those offers, and are now playing for varsity programs today!

This is a possibility that can turn into a reality through our platform by simply joining, filling out a scouting profile, and networking with schools. We shine the spotlight on your child so they can be discovered.

Players under the age of 18 should obtain parental consent to create a profile and will act independly within that profile.  If parents wish to be involved in the process, parents also have the ability to create parental accounts and link their profile with the players. This will allow the parent to monitor the interactions their child has with others on the platform. 

Players under the age of 13 are not allowed to create a profile without explicit parental consent and account linking.  Please contact our support team if you are ready to create a profile for your child under 13.


* Availability may be limited.  First come, first serve for timeslots and topic availability.

WHAT's Included

Virtual Event Example

Virtual Panels and Workshops

Furthering our commitment to education, a 3-Day schedule will be packed full of virtual panels and workshops.  This will allow for players and industry professionals to learn from some of the industry’s leading voices and interact with them.  All sessions will be recorded and made available on demand.

Maximized Recruitment Tips and Tricks

We’re pulling out all the stops to make sure players have the best chance to get recruited and discovered through this process.  To help us educate and inform our players, our Recruitment Partners at Next College Student Athlete will provide educational workshops helping players and their parents understand the recruitment pipeline so they can maximize their opportunity.

Next College Student Athlete
Super League

Combine Showcase Powered by Super League Gaming

Each night, we’re capping off the event with a special Combine Showcase where we pit some of the nation’s top recruits together going head to headin competition. Eager coaches will join the broadcast to look on and provide commentary for what they look for in players.  Powered by our official broadcast partner, Super League Gaming, this unique stream format will give aspiring gamers an understanding of what coaches look for while watching prospective players and recruits!

Scouting and Academic Reports

All players will submit detailed player surveys which will include both academic information as well as their gaming skill performance.  Academic information will include past GPA, study major preferences, and high school information.  Their gaming profile will include links to any statistical data available as well as videos of their direct gameplay performance.  The combination of the two provides the most comprehensive total view for a student recruit available anywhere!

Combine Sample Report
Play Cover Track Title
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