Building the College Esports Pipeline – Lessons from Traditional Athletics

October 16, 2020

Often described as “The Wild West”, collegiate esports is most definitely in its infancy but it is growing rapidly.  While those in esports are proudly independent and often believe in charting their own course, lessons can be learned from both the successes and the missteps of the traditional collegiate and pro athletic pipelines for football, baseball, track and field, and all other collegiate athletics.

In this panel, we combine brilliant minds from three different, yet similar, backgrounds to discuss their perspectives and give their own insights into how the collegiate esports space might develop.

Kellie Wells Brinkley – An NCAA Division I star athlete turned Olympic medalist

Ahman Green – Green Bay Packers HOF Running Back turned Lakeland University Head Esports Coach

Doc Haskell – 2020 College Esports Coach of the Year for Boise State University

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