Heather Blair

Heather studied marketing and communications at Tarrant County College. She started her sales career in print and digital advertising with the Creative Industry Handbook and Themed Entertainment 411. Heather was also the associate publisher at both directories.

She’s held the Director of Sales and Marketing position at publicly traded entertainment company, Valcom, Inc. and at Atlanta- based gaming company, World Touch Gaming, Inc (WTG). At WTG she was responsible for growing their list of publishers and bringing sponsors to PRIZEWAGON.COM, as well as sponsorship and partnerships for SNAPeMedia and SNAPeMobile.

She’s been an account manager for Point 360, a publicly traded national broadcast and post facility as well as the Western Territory Channel Manager for Asia Media Products, an international manufacturers’ rep firm servicing post and broadcast industries.

In 2001 Heather created OuiMarket4U, Inc (OMI) a sales consultancy. In 2010 MediaMation hired OMI to expand their Themed Attractions business. However, Heather also introduced their 4D technology to the cinema industry. She negotiated deals with Sony, Fox, Paramount, Disney, Lionsgate, Relativity and STX Entertainment to procure blockbuster content for programming in 4D. As Head of Cinema, she secured cinemas across the globe to purchase 4D technology. Heather is the founder and President of Global Nonprofit, Women in Exhibition (WIE) which supports women in cinema exhibition. Her new company Cinema Esports Alliance (CEA) produced the Cinema Esports Think Tank in August 2019 and Cinema Esports Workshop, November 2019 during the Esports Awards. Engine Media has hired CEA as Director of Brand partnerships. She continues to support bringing esports to cinemas as a secondary part of her job with Engine Media.

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