Alethea Young

Entrepreneur Allie Young is the CEO and Founder of Axis Replay, the first-of-its kind entertainment and event facility for video games and esports. Axis Replay exists to provide gamers and their friends with a fun and social in-person gaming experience that enables them to build stronger connections. Her current affiliations include: * Serves on the Executive Board of the Atlanta Esports Alliance, a division of the Atlanta Sports Council dedicated to gaming * Serves on the advisory board for game developer, Fly Top Pilot * Serves on the Board of Directors for non-profit Cxmmunity, dedicated to providing opportunities for esports and gaming to underserved communities through education * Member of EO of Atlanta * Serves as Co-chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee for EO Atlanta Prior, Young was the CEO and Founder of Alcovy Media where she was responsible for building the sales team, operations, strategic growth, and development. During Young’s tenure at Alcovy Media, she built the company to a $1.5M / year in revenues serving clients like Capitol Records, the US Army, and the Essence Festival along with successful political campaigns for SPLOST, eSPLOST, workforce initiatives, with strong results in event marketing.

An avid video gamer since her 20s, she used her knowledge of the sales and marketing industry along with her passion for gaming to create Axis Replay with the goal to bring gamers together. Allie brings the understanding, leadership, and organization to her role as CEO to ensure the success of Axis Replay. With a knack for building strong relationships and collaboration, she is a visionary with a unique perspective on impactful experiences and thinking outside the box.

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