March 6th-9th, 2022

Live and Virtual Convention

Connecting players to Opportunity

Around the country, hundreds of scholastic esports programs are rising in the halls of education.  Educational institutions are now recruiting gamers in droves, recognizing the place they hold in the future economy.

The Esports Combine™ is the world’s largest and most successful college recruiting and networking events dedicated to connecting aspiring esports players and video game fans with programs that will prepare gamers for success.

For players, this is your opportunity to earn scholarships for esports and to find top collegiate programs that will help you build upon your dreams and aspirations.

Rise and Get Discovered.


Esports Combine - Player Competitions

During the week prior to the Virtual Combine event, players will be invited to compete in intense team-based series of competitions to record gameplay for future scouts to review.  Players of ALL skill levels will be categorized and sorted for the recruiters and coaches.  Whether you are a Grandmaster or a Bronze, there are programs that will fit your gamer and scholastic goals.

Virtual Event Example

Virtual Panels and Workshops

Furthering our commitment to education, a 3-Day schedule will be packed full of virtual panels and workshops.  This will allow for players and industry professionals to learn from some of the industry’s leading voices and interact with them.  All sessions will be recorded and made available on demand.

Maximized Recruitment Tips and Tricks

We’re pulling out all the stops to make sure players have the best chance to get recruited and discovered through this process.  To help us educate and inform our players, our Recruitment Partners at Next College Student Athlete will provide educational workshops helping players and their parents understand the recruitment pipeline so they can maximize their opportunity.

Next College Student Athlete


There are hundreds of gaming titles, but only a few are designated in collegiate esports programs.  The core titles currently supported by Universities and Colleges  are all supported by The Esports Combine.  Players are welcome to provide scouting profiles for any and all titles they play and remember – schools are looking for ALL skill levels as they grow their programs!

All game logos are copyright their respective publisher.  Logos presented here are representative
of games supported by schools participating in the Combine and in no way represents the publishers sanctioning or supporting this event in any way.


Through GYO Combines, over 500 players in 2020 alone have been contacted for team offers and many have received college scholarship offers.  Will you be next?


Right now in Indiana, nearly a dozen esports startups are creating new jobs in the rising gaming and esports sectors.  The Esports Combine has invited you to visit the city of Indianapolis to witness the rise of esports first-hand.

On behalf of Indiana Sports Corp, GYO Score, and the other Indiana-based esports startups, welcome to our virtual version of The Esports Combine we can’t wait to share our city and state with you in 2021.




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